The best short film of the contest will win 5000 euros. There is free choice of theme and it can be filmed in any part of the world. The essential requirement for taking part is that at least one bottle of white wine from the D.O. Rueda appears in the film.

The D.O. Rueda has presented its online short film festival «Film with Rueda” for the second time. This contest aims to promote and give visibility to the Designation of Origin Rueda among young people, at the same time as providing the opportunity to discover new talent in the world of cinema.

Santiago Mora, Managing Director at D.O. Rueda has presented this project together with Pedro del Río and Jaime Alonso de Linaje, managers of the production company Plan Secreto, which are in charge of coordinating the festival. Javier Angulo, Director of the Valladolid International Cinema Week, also took part in the event, as the winning films will be revealed during the upcoming instalment of SEMINCI. Valladolid Council was also represented thanks to provincial deputy Guzmán Gómez. The Valladolid institution is giving it support to this cultural initiative for the second time, and attends as a top-level collaborator, with the objective of giving maximum promotion to the resources of the region.

The essential requirement for taking part is that at least one bottle of white wine from the D.O. Rueda appears during the short film. There is free choice of theme, it can be filmed in any part of the world, and in any language, as long as it is subtitled in Spanish. The winning work will receive the prize of 5000 euros.

Furthermore, the festival provides the opportunity to film in the installations and vineyards of 30 wineries of the Designation of Origin Rueda. Shorts filmed in D.O. Rueda will be eligible both for the main prize of the festival and also for a specific prize for the best short film in locations of the designation of origin. The winner of this prize will receive 3000 euros.

For the first time, this second festival includes a prize of 2000 euros for the best short film created by cinema and audio visual arts students. Short films whose director is studying at cinema schools or universities and education cycles related to audiovisual media will be eligible for this prize.

Applications open

The deadline for presenting works to the competition is 9 October. The conditions can be seen on the festival website This website will also serve as a platform for the participants to upload their videos to, which will also be available for viewing on the festival’s own YouTube channel. A jury made up of professionals from the sector will choose the finalists. Also, the three short films with most «Likes” on the Film with Rueda YouTube channel will go directly through to the final.

The prizes will be awarded at the opening ceremony of the «Wine & Cinema” cycle, which will be held on 25 October as part of the upcoming Valladolid International Cinema Week (SEMINCI). As well as the cash prize, the best “Film with Rueda” short films will receive a considerable promotional reward, since the works will be screened as part of the «Wine & Cinema” Cycle activities.

International screening

The prize-winning works from the first festival have already begun the rounds of other national and international festivals. “Slow wine”, the short film directed by Mario Hernández and Guillermo Rodriguez which distinguished itself with first prize at Film with Rueda, will shortly be screened in Italy. This proposal featuring actors Jon Plazaola and Salva Reina, known for their work in the television series “Allí abajo”, will be the only Spanish work in the “Rome CinemaDoc”, and has also found itself a place at the “Sicily Mediterranean Film Festival”.

Meanwhile, the best short filmed in D.O. Rueda, “Lightning never strikes the same place twice”, is participating in the “ABC Ibero-American short film festival”. Its director, Herminio Cardiel, is awaiting confirmation from other festivals, to screen this work which was filmed in one of the 25 D.O. Rueda wineries which participated in the first festival, the Menade Winery.

Other works of the eight finalists of the first Film with Rueda festival are also being shown in different countries. This is the case with «New York», directed by Jelena Dragas. This short film has been selected for the “Cinema Grand Prix”, in Indonesia and the “Chhatrapati Shivaji”, in India.


Source: Regulatory Council of the D.O. Rueda 983-868248

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